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New Year’s Resolutions from JES Employees

The New Year means new beginnings for many employees at JES. One of the benefits of a sociable company culture is having friends to share our goals. We asked ten of our JES team members what their New Year’s resolutions were.

Many employees are focusing on getting in better shape or developing healthier lifestyles:

Carl King

Carl King, an Affordable Equity Partners Asset Manager, is making it his goal to run his first marathon this year.

Andrea Winter

Andrea Winter, Fairway Management Director of Compliance, said that she is committing to exercising for at least one hour, five days a week.

Matt Covington

Affordable Equity Partner Underwriter Matt Covington said that he is usually juggling football, basketball and episodes of Jimmy Fallon; therefore he is going to strive to maintain a better sleep schedule.

Brian Bell

Fairway Construction Project Engineer Brian Bell said that along with making an effort to get involved in community outreach, whether with time or money, he would like to lose a few pounds as well.

Other employees spoke about expanding their skills, hobbies and family time:

Camila Gumati

JES Holdings Human Resources Coordinator Camila Gumati said that she would like to practice her cooking skills by eating at home more often and bringing more lunches to work.

Gina Henry

Gina Henry, an Executive Administration Assistant at JES Holdings, said she would like to practice personal courage by stepping out of her comfort zone and striving to learn something new every day.

Ashley Steiner

JES | PRIME Senior Living Community Manager Ashley Steiner stated, “my resolution is to dance in my living room with my kiddos at least once a week!”

Steve Nation

Steve Nation, Metro’s Director of Production, has found that in recent months he has been hitting the snooze button a little too often. His goal is to wake up and enjoy the day! Furthermore, he’s decided to spend more time with his kids in the evenings without the distraction of electronic devices.

Eric Stout

Eric Stout, Fairway Management Regional Manager, said that he is going to try to “validate more people in my life and be more philanthropic.”

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