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Missouri Offices

206 Peach Way
Columbia, MO 65203

168 N Meramec Avenue, Suite 201
Clayton, Missouri 63105

Georgia Office
3290 Northside Parkway, Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

Resident Testimonial: Freedom Pointe

Carol Cartagena has been a resident at Freedom Pointe in Byron, Georgia since October, 2014. Carol says she discovered Freedom Pointe while searching for a residence for her brother, who was looking to move nearby. “We came and looked, and I fell in love with it”, she said after visiting the property with her daughter. “I was thinking about moving and have never had an apartment by myself. It was my time to do something, and I am so happy at this community.”

Originally from Staten Island, New York, Carol has lived all over the eastern United States, having spent time in Connecticut and Florida before moving to Georgia almost a decade ago. When she finally decided to live on her own and make the move to Freedom Pointe, Carol said she was “thrilled” when she discovered the residence to be affordable and within her budget. “I wasn’t sure if I could afford my own place or not so we sat down and made a budget. My daughter said, ‘Mom, I think you can do it. I was really excited.”

Carol says her favorite part about living at the community is the friendliness of everyone who surrounds her, including both staff and other residents. About the community, Carol says “I feel very safe. Everybody is so nice, and everybody says ‘Hello’ to you. If I need something, I know I have neighbors around.” She added, “We have a terrific property manager and maintenance man. They’re both great!”

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