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Working for Wellness

Photo credit to Shutterstock.com
Photo credit to Shutterstock.com

JES Holdings employees are currently over halfway done with their six-week wellness challenge. From yoga sessions and meal prepping classes, to early morning workouts and office walking groups, the employees have been trying their hardest to improve their wellness.

One employee in particular, Evan Van Huss, Fairway Management Maintenance Technician, has dedicated himself to improving his fitness. He even posted an original poem about his journey to fitness on the JES Wellness Facebook page that inspired many of his coworkers. Below is the poem:

-But I’m Here-

It’s 5AM,
But I’m here.

I’d rather still be in bed,
But I’m here

It’s been awhile since I’ve been,
But I’m here

I’m tired, and I know I have much to do today,
But I’m here

I know I will be sore, and that will make for a long day,
But I’m here

I know next time, and the time after, will be a struggle to get up and come,
But I’m here

No matter how hard the struggles to stay on the path of wellness I know I must continue, and know it will not be easy,
But I’m here

I know tomorrow I will feel better, and continue to make the right choices no matter how much I may want to eat all of the cake,
But I’m here

I’m here because I want to feel better, and have many more tomorrows with my family and friends.
I’m here because when I’m old, and many around me are feeble
or gone, I can walk proudly and say,

I am STILL here.

The JES Wellness team is impressed with the involvement received from employees participating in the 2017 JES Wellness Challenge and we wish good luck during the final weeks to all those participating!

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