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Clayton, Missouri 63105

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Atlanta, Georgia 30327

Trivia Night in Support of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbia

In An Effort To Raise Money For The JES Holdings Rootin’ Tootin’ Chili Cookoff Team, The Columbia Office Held A Trivia Night Fundraiser On Tuesday, February 5th At Shakespeare’s Pizza.
Matt Moore, Co-President of the BGCC’s Board, attended Trivia Night with his family.

In an effort to raise money for the JES Holdings Rootin’ Tootin’ Chili Cookoff team, the Columbia office held a Trivia Night fundraiser on Tuesday, February 5th at Shakespeare’s Pizza. All proceeds from the Chili Cookoff and all related fundraisers go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbia!

The night was a success, making over $1,500! We are so thankful to all those who made it out to support this wonderful cause; we couldn’t have done it without you.

Wondering how you would have fared at Trivia Night? Check out the questions from our Potpourri category below:

  1. In what species of animal does the male give birth?
  2. What insect only emerges above ground every 13 – 17 years?
  3. Hurricane Alley is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean; what is it also known as?
  4. What is the only word in the English language with consecutive ‘i’s?
  5. Finish these song lyrics (at least 7 words): “And the piano, it sounds like a carnival…”
  6. How many hearts do octopuses have?
  7. What 17th century poet invented the word “pandemonium”?
  8. Which First Lady was born Claudia Taylor?
  9. What was the British name for the first Harry Potter Book?
  10. Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet at what U.S. Landmark?

Email your answers to Kelly Buchheit at kbuchheit@jesholdings.com and she will let you know how you did!

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