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Outdoor Exercises Fit for Fall

It Is Easy To Fall Into Sluggish Behavior When The Cooler Weather Finally Begins To Hits Us. Instead Of Hiding Inside, Try These Fun Activities From Bustle That Will Get You Outside And Enjoying The Beautiful Fall Weather!

It is easy to fall into sluggish behavior when the cooler weather finally begins to hits us. Instead of hiding inside, try these fun activities from Bustle that will get you outside and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

Backyard Football

When fall finally arrives, so too does the return of Sunday Night Football. Embrace the new season with a couple of games of backyard football! Grab some friends, family or any football fan and enjoy a game of touch football in the backyard for a simple, yet fun, exercise.


A serene walk in nature can be a perfect way to get in your fall exercise. As we know, the summer sun can be hot and it can be tiring going on a long hike beneath it. The cooler fall weather allows one to hike longer and enjoy the beautiful colors of the leaves changing.


Enjoy your last few bike rides before the weather turns cold this fall. Instead of driving this fall, grab your bike and enjoy the crisp air. Getting a group together and biking around your favorite park, town or even just a trail can be a fun group activity that also burns calories!


Yoga is a great exercise for any season, so why not enjoy it outside with the beautiful fall background? Yoga provides not only mental, but physical benefits as well. Relieve some stress in the cool fall air and relax.

Yard Work

While you may think of it as a chore, yard work has many cardiovascular benefits that might surprise you. Raking leaves combines squats, lifts and curls to create a well-rounded workout, while also completing a chore from your list!

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