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Missouri Offices

206 Peach Way
Columbia, MO 65203

168 N Meramec Avenue, Suite 201
Clayton, Missouri 63105

Georgia Office
3290 Northside Parkway, Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

Ashton Village Partnership with Pevely Police

For the past few years, our Ashton Village team has been building a working relationship with the Pevely Police Department. Recently, they achieved their goal of creating a substation for the police department at Ashton Village!

Lexi Roemer, service coordinator at Ashton Village, was part of the team who helped make this undertaking happen. “The goal of the substation is to have a known police presence at Ashton Village to help decrease the number of incidents and crime around our community. We wanted to create a space for the officers to feel inclined to come and work on their reports and patrol our community,” Roemer said.

The officers at the Pevely Police Department have expressed their excitement and gratitude for having this space available to them. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this makes in the surrounding Pevely community. Thank you to our Ashton Village team for striving to make their community a better place!

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