Employee Appreciation

In December of each year, employees from across each JES Holdings affiliate companies are invited to a formal recognition luncheon honoring individuals who have been with the company for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. Each employee receives a gift of appreciation and a warm thank you and congratulations from Jeff Smith. Employees are acknowledged for dedication and service with notable milestone awards. Click for a list of 2011 recipients.

clip_image003Each year, the Michelle Sharp Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to an employee who exemplifies strong leadership qualities and dedication. Michelle Sharp, a dedicated Asset Manager for Affordable Equity Partners, Inc. passed away in 2008. Prior to her death, Michelle was very active in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) awareness, as her husband has CF. The 2011 recipient of the award was Patrice Shumate. Pictured with Jeffrey Smith is Steven Nation, (2010), Patrice Shumate, (2011), Christie Haynes, (2008) and Leon Krieg, (2009).

clip_image004The very first Roger Garner Recognition Award was recently presented to a well deserving employee of Fairway Management, Inc. This special award will be presented each year in memory of our dear friend and employee, Roger Garner, who passed in October of 2011. Roger will be forever remembered, admired and memorialized with the award that recognizes an employee who best exemplifies the outstanding qualities of patience, dignity, kindness and overall dedication to a job well done. The 2011 recipient of the award is Greg Lowery. Pictured with Jeffrey Smith is Shara Garner, Roger Garner’s daughter and Greg Lowery, 2011 recipient.

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