Extreme Makeover: JES Edition 2011

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JES Holdings is proud to introduce a new company project. For the first time, the entire staff traveled to St. Louis for a full day dedicated to “Extreme Makeover: JES Edition 2011.” The trip allowed the opportunity for everyone to enjoy a day of team building while contributing to the cleaning and updating of three recently acquired properties, Hanley Crossings, Oak Tree Apartments and Lackland Plaza Apartments.

The staff was divided into four teams and assigned to work at one of the three properties. Hanley Crossings hosted two teams due to the size and amount of work refined. Each team cleaned, painted, landscaped, removed trash, power washed and even got acquainted with current residents. The transformation at each site was tremendous. The improvements were only the beginning of many more to come.

The staff at JES Holdings follows a unified mission each and every day, “To develop, build, manage and invest in quality housing where our families would be proud to live.” The efforts put forth during the Extreme Makeover reinforced the JES mission statement. The opportunity to work on-site reflected the mission in a unique way most employees had never experienced. The working improvements delivered a powerful message as to what truly matters to JES Holdings and its founder.

The teams worked extremely hard and were proud of the work they accomplished. The very first Extreme Makeover: JES Edition was a great success due to the working efforts, dedication, and teamwork put forth by each individual employee.

For a short video of the project click here.

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