Fairway Management Re-Launches Learning Coach Training Program

Rachel Bigge and Kelly Stevens

Rachel Bigge and Kelly Stevens

Fairway Management has recently re-launched the Learning Coach Training Program, a system that helps train and assist new Property Managers within the company with a collaborative learning approach. Kelly Stevens, a Leasing/Training Specialist for Affordable Equity Partners and Rachel Bigge, an Operations Manager for Affordable Equity Partners and Fairway Management, will lead the program.

Fairway Management, Inc. provides management and compliance services for a portfolio of over 160 properties with approximately 7,500 units, including Section 42, Section 8, Section 236, rural development and market rate communities. Each community has a Property Manager that is responsible for making sure the property functions at the highest level possible.

The Learning Coach Training Program invites a select group of Property Managers from each of the six JES Holdings regions throughout the United States to the home office for a training event. This intensive training covers all aspects of property management and promotes discussion on how to make improvements. These trained Learning Coaches can then share their knowledge with the other Property Managers in their region. Most importantly, they partner with newly hired Property Managers, developing a relationship with them and training them to be successful in their positions. This close partnership lasts for at least 90 days following a new hire. Even after the employee has settled in, the Learning Coach will continue to mentor and check in with the new Property Manager, building a foundation of partnership and communication from the very beginning. Kelly shared that, “It is really valuable to set our new employees up for success by giving them the tools they need to function at the highest level of performance possible.”

Kelly and Rachel will hold quarterly video conferences with the Learning Coaches and, once a year, the coaches will meet in Columbia, Missouri to re-group and improve the process. Rachel stated, “It is important to have a training program that is uniform, to ensure that, as a company, Fairway Management is maintaining the highest standards for our employees, properties and residents.”

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