Frisco Senior Village Thanksgiving Feast

On November 17, Frisco Senior Village held a Thanksgiving feast for everyone to enjoy! Residents gobbled down a huge turkey prepared by our property manager and delicious side dishes provided by residents. In addition to the food, the dinner also featured a friendly competition where residents had to guess how many Werther’s candies were in a jar. There is no doubt that hearts were as full as the plates were that day, as residents were extremely thankful for all the work the staff put into planning the feast.

And even though Thanksgiving just ended, Frisco is already getting ready for Christmas! They worked on putting their Christmas tree up during dinner so they can prepare for the festivities to come. The celebrations truly never end!

Frisco Senior Village is especially thankful for Keith with Rainbow this year, as he ensured that the event was pandemic friendly by taking temperatures and assisting staff.

Thank you to Frisco Senior Village and all of our other communities for the work that you do!

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