How to Stay Healthy for Spring

Part of having a happy, healthy spring means managing your health. Read below for a few tips on staying healthy this spring from P & G Everyday.

Preventing Hay Fever.  While many people think hay fever is a summer problem, pollen can start affecting people as early as March. Talk to your doctor about the right antihistamine for you. Since it is not caused by a virus inside of your body, you can take proactive steps to combat hay fever with wraparound sunglasses and regularly splashing your face with water to wash away allergens. Spray fabric freshener allergen reducer on your carpets, bed sheets, couches or other fabrics your family comes into contact with.

Stopping Spring Colds.  Big, quick temperature changes can leave you vulnerable to colds and other illnesses associated with chilly weather. The old treatment of rest and medicine to relieve the symptoms are your best bet since there is no end-all, be-all cure to stop a cold for good. You can increase your chances of staying healthy by getting enough sleep, eating fruits and vegetables, washing your hands often and keeping diligent with regular, daily hygiene. If someone in your household has a cold, keep things everyone touches clean.

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