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JES Holdings is dedicated to developing future leaders in a variety of industries. Our internship program provides opportunities for future professionals to be exposed to a successful, dynamic working environment and to learn skills imperative to launching a successful career. If you are interested in gaining valuable hands-on learning experience and applying your education, then this program may be the one for you.

Hear from Past Interns

Ryan Stevens, Metro Director of Business Development

“Working at JES Holdings has contributed to my personal and professional growth in ways I could have never imagined. I have been provided with opportunities to develop management skills, network with highly respected and nationally recognized industry experts and cultivate relationships with leaders across the organization. These valuable experiences have shaped my career and molded me into a manager that supports my team as they grow and flourish.”

Ellen Vossbrink, AEP Director of Asset Management

“From my start as a Property Management Intern, JES Holdings has given me many opportunities to grow and develop benefiting both myself and the organization. After graduation, I worked in both leasing and asset management. It is obvious how much JES lives their core values by going above and beyond to further employee’s knowledge and skill base. Through training seminars, guidance from the executive team and directors, and exposure to a multitude of projects, my experiences have given me an opportunity to gain a sharper perspective of our business and culture.”

Tony Timmerman, AEP Director of Underwriting

“As an intern with JES Holdings, you have the ability to wear different hats throughout the summer. I had the opportunity to work with our underwriting, asset management, transactions and construction teams. This allowed me to experience diverse business situations and become more knowledgeable about the company’s business and culture. This led to my decision to join the company.”

Anna Tayon, FWM Controller

“As an Accounting Intern with Fairway Management, I was given many opportunities to grow and learn. As I started right in the middle of busy season, it was a lot of on-the-job training, which was a great way to learn the ins and outs of the business. The tasks given to me helped me further my skills and professional development, and I was able to apply the information that I was learning at Mizzou to the actual work I was doing with Fairway Management. The internship program provided a time for me to grow, learn and ask questions, which ensured an effortless transition into my new role as Staff Accountant.”

Sam Steelman, AEP Transaction Analyst

“My internship with AEP was a fantastic experience. During my initial summer internship, I participated in a great program with several other interns from other departments. The program challenged me personally and professionally. It also provided me with ample opportunity to engage with current employees, attend numerous company-wide events, test my own knowledge and, most importantly, learn invaluable leadership and communication skills. Following that summer, I continued to intern for AEP throughout law school before eventually being given the opportunity to work for the company as a full-time employee. Needless to say, I accepted the position and am confident my employment with AEP will continue to provide me with opportunities to succeed in life.”

Kait Kunnemann, JES Director of Marketing

“In addition to the valuable real-world experience I was given as an intern with JES Holdings, the company was willing to work with my college course load during the school year. Upon graduation, I was offered a full-time position as a Graphic Designer. I considered myself fortunate to advance in an industry that is constantly changing and growing. JES Holdings supports my work and challenges me with a diverse portfolio of projects across all six companies. I am currently the Director of Marketing and have been an integral part of establishing inventive policies and procedures that help our department deliver projects more efficiently.”

Jacob Renie, JES Digital Marketing Specialist

“JES Holdings always made sure that I was being utilized and was flexible with both my career path and my school work. I had a very tough senior year and they went out of their way to accommodate me so that I could continue working. I started out doing a lot of design work, but when I indicated that I was more interested in strategy they immediately started transitioning me and allowed me to grow within the company.”

Jack Meyerhoff, AEP Transaction Analyst

“I started at JES as a Transactions Intern during the summer before my final year of law school. Only two weeks post-knee surgery, I was hobbling around on crutches and still quite unsure of the career path I wanted to follow. Looking back more than a year later, I could not have asked for a better experience. The opportunity to intern at JES is unique. The learning opportunities are endless. The work is immensely challenging but equally as rewarding. The people are kind, helpful and encouraging; they can only be described as true professionals. I could not be more excited to begin my career here as a Transaction Analyst.”

Nicole Bunte, JES Marketing Specialist

“Since starting as a Marketing Intern with JES Holdings, I have had such a positive experience with the company. As an intern, I was given many privileges and responsibilities that helped me grow as a professional. After graduating, I was given the opportunity to work full time with JES Holdings as a Strategic Communications Coordinator. The incredible amount of learning about different industries and gaining significant workplace experience with JES Holdings during my internship led to a seamless and exciting transition into my new position. Throughout my experiences with JES Holdings, the amount they value their employees is evident, which makes it a great place to build a career.”

Interested in learning more about our internship opportunities? Email us your resume at hireme@dvt.rjp.mybluehost.me

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