JES Holdings’ 10th Boys and Girls Club’s Chili Cookoff

JES Holdings employees pose next to their booth in their themed-apparel

The annual Rootin’ Tootin’ Chili Cookoff benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of Columbia is always a big event. Each year, companies from around Columbia compete to see who can make the best chili and raise the most money – something JES Holdings excels at!

To get the ball rolling on our fundraising efforts, JES hosts several events for employees leading up to the big day. All the money raised is then added to our donation to the Boys & Girls Club.

On Saturday, February 18, JES employees dressed up in 1950’s attire and made their way to the Holiday Inn Expo Center ready to work the crowd and pass out chili. This year’s booth was a 1950s-High-School-Reunion-themed structure, constructed by JES Holdings company, Metro Equipment Rental, Inc. involving an interactive basketball court, a mini classroom and a cafeteria in the middle where JES’s award-winning chili was served.

“I think we were a big hit, especially with the little kids and the basketball area. As an intern, it was really cool to see how JES interacted with the community. I didn’t realize that we had that big of an impact,” Marketing Intern Jacob Renie said.

JES was honored to receive the awards for Best Costume, Best Booth and Supreme Chili. We even came in second place for Biggest Bowl (highest donation)! The awards suited our competitive nature, but the best part of it all was that we were able to help support a cause that JES has long valued—the Boys & Girls Club.

Read more about JES at the chili cookoff in Columbia Daily Tribune’s feature article here.

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