JES Holdings After Work: Skydiving

Three people standing outside an airplane
Andrew Long, Bridget Nelson and Darin Windsor prepare for their first skydiving experience.

Recently, three JES Holdings coworkers decided to check off an item on each other’s bucket lists and go skydiving together at Skydive Flying V Ranch near Columbia, Missouri.

Andrew Long, FWM Senior Accountant, Bridget Nelson, AEP Cash Manager and Darin Windsor, JES Cash Manager, discovered that they all wanted to skydive, but had never found anyone to go with them. This realization led to the perfect opportunity for them to plan a day to skydive together.

While they were all nervous, the group was put at ease by their professional tandem skydiving partners. “The staff at Flying V was outstanding and made the experience really enjoyable. I totally enjoyed the dive and have no reservations or regrets about doing it. I am also so happy that I was able to do it with my coworkers.  It was a bit of an uneasy feeling hanging outside of the plane as we prepared to make the leap, but from the moment of departure from the plane, I was blown away by the experience,” Darin said.

All of the employees enjoyed the experience and are happy they made the jump. “It was scary dangling outside the plane at 10,500 feet before the jump, but once we jumped, it was the most exciting and exhilarating thing I’ve ever done,” said Bridget. “The free fall and getting to pull the rip cord myself were the best parts.”

We are so impressed with Andrew, Bridget and Darin, and we cannot wait to see if any of our other employees will try out skydiving together as well!

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