JES Holdings Clayton Office Spotlight

The JES Holdings family of companies has three corporate offices across the United States in Columbia, Missouri, St. Louis (Clayton), Missouri and Atlanta, Georgia. The Clayton office was recently expanded and hosts employees from JES Holdings, Fairway Management, Affordable Equity Partners and Fairway Construction.

Sean Garrison, Affordable Equity Partners Underwriter, enjoys working at the Clayton office because of its ideal location. “Being in the middle of Clayton is fantastic. If you are looking for a place to meet customers or if you just need to grab something quick to take back to your desk, there are numerous options for lunch, happy hour or dinner all within walking distance,” Sean said.

Not only does the Clayton office provide convenient meeting places, but it is also located close to the airport and many of JES Holdings’ business partners.

Additionally, Sean’s enjoys the company of his coworkers in the Clayton office. “Besides the location, the best part of the Clayton office is the group of employees that work here. We have someone from almost every department represented, so there is always an expert within the office to bounce ideas or questions off of.”

To learn more about JES Holdings and its many career opportunities, click here.

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