JES Wellness: Make Lunch Count Day

In honor of National Make Lunch Count Day on April 13, the JES Holdings offices are encouraging coworkers to take a break from work and eat lunch together!  Below are just a few of the benefits of lunching out:

  1. Improved Creativity: if you are experiencing a creative dry spell, stepping out of the office and going to a new location is one way to help.
  2. Health Benefits: Sitting at your desk all day during work is not good for your health. Getting up and walking or at least going to a new location for lunch helps break up the long hours of sitting required at most desk jobs.
  3. Networking: Whether you use your lunch breaks to get to know your coworkers better or meet with other business professionals in the area, lunching out provides a great opportunity to network.

Find out more benefits of lunching out here.

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