Puppy Shower at The Village of Bedford Walk

The Village of Bedford Walk residents pose for a picture with Activities Coordinator Laura Roeder at the puppy shower.

On October 5th, The Village of Bedford Walk residents threw Activities Coordinator, Laura Roeder a surprise puppy shower for her new Great Dane puppy named Phil. The shower featured a cake with Phil’s name on it and many new dog toys and treats.  Residents Loretta Hartley, Laura Musick and Beth McMillan planned the shower and even bought extra gifts for residents to purchase and give to Laura, since some of them no longer drive.

This event is a simple testament to how much of a family the residents and staff at The Village of Bedford Walk have grown to be. Each day, residents have the opportunity to join each other for coffee, engage in planned activities like water aerobics or head down to the piano bar for happy hour.

The puppy shower was a huge success. Not only was Roeder surprised that the residents managed to keep the event a secret, but she was also very touched that the residents did this for her and Phil. Some of the residents even brought their dogs to the event. Beth McMillan brought her Cockapoo named Sophie, and Loretta Hartley brought her Toy Poodle named Nikki. Laura Roeder stated, “Every morning, I look forward to coming to work. The residents here have become my friends and are always giving me hugs and sharing their stories and wisdom with me. I could not believe they threw me a puppy party! Phil is absolutely going to love all of his new toys.”

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