A Resident’s Love for Wyndham Park III

Wyndham Park III, an affordable community for seniors located in St. Peters, Missouri, is home to many wonderful residents. One of these residents, Tanya Tesone, is in the process of writing 365 reasons why she loves living in Wyndham Park III.

Below is the start to her list:

  • I have a two bedroom apartment with a walk-in shower, bars and seat, stackable washer and dryer, a living room opening up to a fabulous kitchen with an electric range, a built-in microwave, an alarm system and auto sprinklers in each room.
  • We have a community room on the first floor and a full kitchen that is free to use.
  • We have an elevator and stairs at the end of both hallways for emergencies.
  • We have an exercise room, library, three computers for all of us to use and two card tables.
  • On the third floor, we have a surround sound movie theater, a pool table and a small kitchen.
  • We have carports and beautiful grounds at Wyndham Park III.
  • We have the best manager, Jessica Gonzalez, and an incredible maintenance man.

Tanya reiterates how grateful she is that Wyndham Park III is affordable. “My only income is my Social Security and two small pensions. I never would be able to get into the fabulous retirement paradise here at Wyndham Park III without the tax credit that Fairway Management has been able to use to build this fabulous complex. I wake up every morning thanking God that I live in Wyndham Park III,” Tanya said.

Tanya and the other residents living at Wyndham Park III depend on the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program to make affordable housing possible. With the help of these tax credits, many seniors who would otherwise be homeless, living in nursing homes or in unsafe conditions get the chance to enjoy life in safe and beautiful environments, like Wyndham Park III.

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