JES Holdings After Work: Skydiving

Three people standing outside an airplane

Recently, three JES Holdings coworkers decided to check off an item on each other’s bucket lists and go skydiving together at Skydive Flying V Ranch near Columbia, Missouri. Andrew Long, FWM Senior Accountant, Bridget Nelson, AEP Cash Manager and Darin Windsor, JES Cash Manager, discovered that they all wanted to skydive, but had never found […]

St. Louis Office Outing at the Cardinals Game

Despite the heat, the St. Louis office employees had a great time at the Cardinals baseball game on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. Employees met before the game at Ballpark Village and then attended the game together. Each employee received an extra ticket so they could bring a family member or friend!

Unit Turn at North Hampton Village

On June 14, the 2017 JES interns traveled to North Hampton Village in Columbia, Missouri. Upon arrival at the property, they were split into two teams and assigned the task of preparing and cleaning the units until they were move-in ready. While this team-building exercise gave interns the opportunity to see the work that goes […]

JES Welcomes 2017 Summer Interns

JES Holdings and its affiliate companies recently hired 17 new interns to begin this summer. To kick off their internship, the JES Columbia office hosted a week-long intern orientation from June 12th through June 16th. The intern orientation began with a day full of introductions to the company and employees. This included learning about company […]

JES Wellness: Yoga & Pilates

In an effort to continue JES Wellness initiatives, the JES Holdings Columbia office hosted a week of yoga and Pilates for employees. Director of Human Resources Kerry Eales, who is also certified by Reebok Instructors Alliance – International and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, led the office in two yoga sessions and two […]

JES Competes in Sand Volleyball

This summer, employees at the JES Holdings Columbia office joined a sand volleyball league hosted by the Deuce Pub & Pit. The team, Block You Like A Hurricane, had their most recent match on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, and at this match, the team succeeded in pulling off their first win! The employees who played […]