Unit Turn at North Hampton Village

On June 14, the 2017 JES interns traveled to North Hampton Village in Columbia, Missouri. Upon arrival at the property, they were split into two teams and assigned the task of preparing and cleaning the units until they were move-in ready.

While this team-building exercise gave interns the opportunity to see the work that goes on outside of the office, as well as get to know each other in a more relaxed environment, it also allowed them to gain a better understanding of the company’s core values

“The unit turn showed us the personal side of JES,” said Madison Galloway, Project Coordinator Intern for Fairway Construction. “It was hard, sweaty work, but not all interns have the opportunity to see other sides of their company.” She added that orientation week also gave her the chance to bond with fellow interns on a more personal level, beyond just knowing their job titles. She was grateful for the time to get to know employees from multiple locations and with all of the different companies within JES Holdings.

After hours of hard work and effort put forth to make each unit look its best, the young employees left grateful for the experience proud of what they had accomplished.

“The unit turn was an all-around awesome experience,” said Jack Meyerhoff, Transactions Intern for AEP. “It was great to get out and see one of our properties, and to be able to get our hands dirty preparing the units for residents made it all the better. The cherry on top was having the opportunity to spend the day getting to know our fellow interns outside of the office.”

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