A Work Hard, Play Hard Culture

While JES Holdings’ external motto is to develop, build, manage and invest in quality housing where our families would be proud to live, our internal mantra is work hard, play hard.

One of the many reasons that JES Holdings experiences continual growth is simple. Our employees understand that in order to achieve professional and personal success, hard work is required. Sometimes we have to stay late at the office to finish one last thing or sometimes we sign up for extra schooling or training to learn more about our careers. At times we attend company events on the weekends to ensure that they run smoothly or spend time answering emails.

As much as we take our work seriously, our competitive attitudes transfer to our fun as well. From Halloween costume contests, field days, volleyball tournaments and happy hours to potlucks, philanthropy competitions, holiday parties and tailgates, JES Holdings continually treats and rewards their employees for the hard work we do.

The fun we have together helps us perform our best, bond with our co-workers and gives us incentive to work harder and better ourselves. Sure, we could do our work without all of the extra events and competitions, but where is the fun in that?

Since our beginning in 1984, we have found that this work hard, play hard mentality works. Our employees feel passionate about their work, which leads to better results.

At JES Holdings, we are proud of our employees! Check out our list of current openings to join our team.

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