Fairway Management Affordable Senior Community Residents Honored by Chamber

ST. JOSEPH, MO (September 30, 2013) – The Chamber of Commerce joined Fairway Management staff at Westchester Village of St. Joseph, an affordable senior housing development, as they celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Longtime resident Gertrude Carter told attendees, “I wasn’t expecting this!” Residents and staff were pleasantly surprised when the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce joined them to honor several residents who have been here since day one. “I was shocked,” said 20-year resident honoree, Bobbi Hunt, who was the community’s first manager when the doors opened in 1993.

The community has 60 apartments and 62 residents with a three-year waiting list.  In an interview with St. Joseph News-Press, resident Lloyd Lewis told the local paper he loves the place because it is a community where everyone helps and cares about each other.  “We call ourselves the village people, and we have t-shirts that say that,” said Mr. Lewis.

The local news station, KQTV-2, was on hand to capture the celebration that featured a ribbon cutting ceremony, luncheon and cake.


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