Mizzou Tigers on Wall Street

For the fourth time since 2008, a select few students from the Robert J. Trulaske College of Business were chosen to attend “Mizzou Tigers on Wall Street,” an exclusive trip to New York City intended for students to experience life on Wall Street as well as provide networking opportunities with prestigious business professionals.

Seventeen students were chosen to attend the 2011 trip to New York City. The students spent a total of five days, from September 27 – October 1, exploring the city and meeting with a number of influential business leaders including Woody Johnson, owner of The Johnson Company and the NY Jets, Jim Cramer, from Mad Money CNBC, Alan “Ace” Greenburg, CEO Emeritus of JP Morgan, Bill McComb, CEO of Liz Claiborne, INC., David Herzog, CFO of AIG, and many other renowned professionals on Wall Street.

The opportunity for consideration is open to sophomores and juniors who are members of the Cornell Leadership Program. Students are asked to submit an application, resume, and an essay to be considered. Following the selection process, students are required to attend 7 weeks of classes in preparation, known as “Wall Street Boot Camp.” During this time students are required to research prominent business leaders and corporations on Wall Street as well as follow current events in government and finance.

The 2011 “Mizzou Tigers on Wall Street” trip was sponsored by JES Holdings and Harvey Eisen. Jeffrey Smith and Harvey Eisen were both in attendance with the students alongside Joan T.A. Gabel, Dean of the Robert J. Trulaske College of Business and Mary Beth Marrs, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Strategic Initiatives.

The full schedule of events included conferences, job shadowing, receptions, group dinners and even a Broadway show. The event allows for a once in a lifetime experience for students as well as a unique networking opportunity for students and business professionals.

Click HERE for the Mizzou Tigers on Wall Street 2011 Itinerary

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