JES Fitness Challenge Winners

The JES Holdings summer fitness challenge, Feel Like a Million, was a huge success with 149 employee participants throughout the JES Holdings family of companies. While every employee did a great job improving their wellness, JES Holdings would like to recognize the winners of the challenge.

The main competition was based on the team with the most points, and the winner of this was the Diva Wranglers team! The members of this team were Tammy Williams, FWC Accounts Payable Specialist, Christina Ahrens, JES Office Assistant, Sonya Lawrence, FWC Accounts Payable Specialist, and Debbie Topash, FWC Senior Accountant. Each member from the team won one paid day off work and a $150 gift card.

The secondary competition was based on individual points. The winner of the individual leaderboard was Laura See, CHM Wound Nurse at Lakewood at Wilshire Care Center, and she won a $50 gift card.

JES Holdings would like to congratulate everyone for participating and working on their wellness!

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