Les Bourgeois Winery: An Afternoon at the A-Frame

With our many day-to-day tasks and projects, it is all too easy to get wrapped up in our work and to lose sight of all of the wonderful personalities and fun individuals that surround us here. JES does a great job of encouraging employees to take breaks and get out of the office to simply enjoy each other and laugh. On Wednesday, October 14th, buses arrived to take us to Les Bourgeois Vineyard and Winery. In a beautiful location overlooking the Missouri River, Les Bourgeois is renowned for its spectacular bluff top view of the river valley, and it did not disappoint. Employees enjoyed tasting award-winning wine, playing games and getting to know people in other departments. Sometimes, time out of the office enjoying each other’s company can be very refreshing; the perfect boost for the busy work weeks ahead.

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