Scientific Reasons Why Spring is the Most Delightful Season

Have you ever wondered why you feel happier in the spring? Mental Floss outlines the scientific reasons behind this feeling in their article below!

Temperatures are more moderate.  In many places, the season brings mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Research shows that people tend to be the most comfortable at temperatures of about 72°F.

There is more daylight.  Daylight Saving Time gives you even more hours to get things done. Those extra hours of sun can be a major mood-booster.

The birds return.  There is no better indicator of spring than birds chirping outside your window.

There are baby animals everywhere.  Studies have found that seeing cute animals can have positive effects on humans.

You are safer.  Research shows that “springing forward” for Daylight Saving Time reduces crime.

You can go outside.  Warmer temperatures mean you can spend more time outside, which is great for mental health.

It makes you more creative.  Research shows that being outdoors leaves people more open to new information and creative thoughts.

The leaves come back.  Spring brings green growth back to plants and trees.

Growing plants absorb carbon dioxide.  Through photosynthesis, plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into food, releasing oxygen in the process.

It is easy to find fresh produce.  Getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet is not just good for the body; it is good for the soul.

You can take your exercise routine outdoors.  Research shows that working out can be more beneficial if you do it outside.

You do not have to worry about dry air.  As the season wears on, not only can you lay off the body lotion, but you can probably put away the tissues—if you do not have spring allergies, that is.

You can open your windows.  Temperate weather makes it easier to get the fresh air you need.

You can get your vitamins naturally.  Sunlight triggers your body to produce vitamin D, which keeps your bones strong.

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