JES Employees Walking for Wellness

In the month of March, the JES Holdings’ Atlanta, Georgia office began an initiative to be healthier. As part of this March Wellness Initiative, they created a March Madness Walking Group.

Every Tuesday and Thursday in March, the Atlanta office team took to the sidewalks. Over the course of seven total walks, they covered 10 miles, burned 1,000 calories and took 20,000 steps. Not only were these walks a way for the team to be healthier, but they also served as a great bonding opportunity for the office.

Fairway Construction Accountant Denise Jones even won a Visa gift card prize by attending the most walks.  Following is a list of names of all the individuals who participated in the March Madness Walking Group: Brandy Gifford, Faye Nesbitt, Josh Boling, Melanie Funk, Denise Jones, Golnaz Ashouri, Kerry Anne Eales, Ashley Rosian, Tonya Lynch, Jill Collins and Lauren Smith.

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