Resident Testimonial: Pinewood Senior Village

Pictured: Bonnie Chatman, Resident of Pinewood Senior Village

Ms. Bonnie Chatman has been a resident of Pinewood Senior Village since November of 2014. She is pleased to share this about her community:

“I moved from Statesboro, Georgia. I was living in a farm area and I wanted to live in a city to be closer to the amenities. Pinewood is near everything whether it be shopping or grocery stores and there are a lot of things to do when the grandkids come to visit. They love visiting me and they think it it is a beautiful place. We sit out on my front porch and have lunch, it is nice.

My apartment is home to me because I like the way it is laid out and I like that I can decorate it. I love the high ceilings and black appliances and the galley kitchen is perfect for one person. I always loved windows and I like to look out and from my home. I can look out and I can see everything passing by. I also like the way that management goes about business out here because they are concerned about me and appreciate me.

Pinewood Senior Village Club House
Pinewood Senior Village Club House

Pinewood Village has all kinds of activities. Once a month we have a birthday gathering and we do lunches and potluck dinners. We recently had a garage sale and a really nice 4th of July cookout. Everyone chipped in and our families and grandkids came to visit. We also have a bible study. Our social committee plans 2-3 events a month for us, so you don’t have to worry about being lonely while living here.

I walk around Pinewood Village all of the time and try to get my 5 miles in every other day. I’m trying to take care of myself and eat right. I am a veteran and my doctors take care of me and ensure I’m in great heath. I was a flight attendant on the command post plane and that’s the plane that the president of the United States flies on now to go places. I have lived a full life and done some wonderful things and now I’m just enjoying my life out here while living in Pinewood.”

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